Fire Extinguisher Services in Miami

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Fire Extinguisher Services in Miami

Fire Extinguisher Service in Miami

Using portable fire extinguishers in the first two minutes of a fire is arguably your best first line of defense in a fire emergency. If an extinguisher does not operate properly a small fire can quickly become a large one, resulting in extensive damage to a building and property. Performing the code-required regular fire extinguisher inspection is necessary to be prepared for a fire emergency.

Ignite Statewide is qualified to handle any of your fire extinguisher needs, from selecting the correct type of extinguisher for the given hazard, to inspection and maintenance of the extinguisher. In addition, we provide fire extinguisher operational training to many of our customers’ staff so they can confidently utilize an extinguisher when they need it.

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Security saving tips

  • it’s important that you clean it up as soon as you know the fire has been totally put out. To do this, sweep and vacuum as much of the extinguishing agent as possible, using a damp cloth to get anything the vacuum leaves behind.
  • If the needle on your fire extinguisher is in the red, you should call Ignite Statewide  immediately and have the extinguisher replaced or recharged.
  • Discharging even a little bit of your fire extinguisher could cause a drop in pressure that will render it useless.

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